Still A Woman

I got so many great feedback after I wrote my post ‘Just A Mom’. Thank you all for that. Now just let me clarify one thing: I am immensely proud of being a mom. I am proud of my kids and the way we deal with each other. I am proud of the work I do all day long and what kind of influence it has on my children. I am happy to be a mom and there is no ‘just’ in my life. It is a big part of who I am.

So while being a mom, a writer and a blogger over the last couple of days, I also processed this post here. And I just want to get into it a little further.

While we are consumed in looking after our children and keep everything running as smooth as possible, we are still also women. There is still this little girl left in us, the teenager, who one day fell in love for the first time. The young woman who was confident with her looks, her smarts and felt attractive. We are still the young woman who fell madly in love with the man who today is our husband. Somewhere we are still that young woman who felt attracted to this man, felt wanted and loved and passionate. But, man, we are so damn exhausted at the end of the day. Or at least I am.

I am still this woman, who wants to be with my husband. Who wants to feel the passion, the love, the fun. Everything. But the days are just not as long as they are used to be. So often I fall into my bed and in no time I am fast asleep.

Where did the energy go? Where did the energy of working all day, going out, dancing for hours and then go home and spend a passionate night together? What happened to it? It’s not the passion that is missing. It’s not the attraction or the desire. It’s just the energy. Where or when does it happen? How do we get there? Oh I so want this energy back. Not all of it but enough for not feeling that exhausted all the time.


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  1. its not easy to handle so much of responsibilities as a mother and u have been doing it exceptionally well . you are also true that there is a teenager in you. best thing is you love what you are doing and never crib about you being a mother. instead you are proud. i would like you to indulge in all such activities which will refuel your soul and body to grow as a more loving person

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  2. For reminding me of the wide eyed, curious little girl within, thank you. πŸ™‚ Thank you for writing this wonderful piece.
    Maybe, it is true that we leave parts of us to embrace new things that life throws at us. And sometimes we remember those moments or that phases of life when we were the person that we left behind. It is really beautiful how you were looking back. I wish you find some time and lots of energy to relive those moments again. And for your other post, i don’t really get it why you or anyone would say, “Just Mom”. Moms definitely aren’t just. πŸ™‚ Take care.

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  3. I’ve been asking that same question this past week. When you find the answer let me know! πŸ˜‰ ~Elle

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