Blog Event – Finish It

There is one short sentence, maybe a short paragraph. The start to a little story. There will be a new one every Wednesday. Your job is to write a short story. Finish, what I’ve begun.

The rules are simple:

  • Post the short story with the given start to it on your blog. It does not matter if you post it on Wednesday. Feel free to write it any given day (we can just pretend it’s Wednesday…)
  • Link it back to this page
  • Use less than 3500 words (just write…)
  • Mention this blog event and this blog in a short intro (not included in the word count)
  • When done writing invite any number of other bloggers to join in by asking “what would you make out of this ‘blogger name’?”
  • Use the Tag Finish it for your post.

I will reblog your posts on this blog and also list them on this page for further references.

And now let’s see what we will get 🙂

Head over here for your intros and find a list of all the stories here.


Add yours →

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