Sisterhood Of The World Award


So super excited to have been nominated for another award! Thank you so much, Faraday’s Candle, for nominating me for this awesome award! You girls are awesome and inspiring!

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site. Done
2. Put the Award logo on your blog. Done
3. Answer the ten questions sent to you. On it
4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer. Will be fun
5. Nominate seven blogs. Thinking… Thinking…

And here are the questions I’ve been asked:

1) Do you like wearing fuzzy slippers?
Not at the moment. It’s 25C outside and warming up…

2) favorite ice cream flavor
Vanilla… Strawberry… Chocolate… or maybe Pistazio…

3) What is the finniest thing that happened to you as a kid
When I looked at a much older family friend who had a really wrinkly face and asked her why her face is so “shredded” (as in grated…)

4) What is the funniest thing that happened to you while blogging
Not blogging for that long… I had some giggles while communicating with some fellow bloggers so far. It is just a great little world out there…

5) Favorite singer.
I love Coldplay, mainly the old stuff. And I love Ed Sheeran. I like the Foo fighters a lot and Florence & The Machine. I love music and if the song is good, I don’t care who is the artist.

6) Favorite song.
At the moment “No light, No light” from Florence & The Machine

7) Favorite Pixar character
That is a really tough one… Buzz Lightyear or Dory, or Sully… or maybe the little ant (I forgot his name) from ‘Bug’s life’. They all are so great and I love all those movies. ‘Up’ is still one of my favorites as I love the love story they tell in it and the way they do it.

8) Favorite Disney character
Goofy 🙂

9) Favorite Disney movie
Maleficent. I admit I did not want to watch it, as it always seemed so dark. But then did watch it on a flight just recently and wow, what a great movie and what a great idea to tell her story.

10)Did you ever get a brain freeze?
Oh I certainly do 🙂

And here are my questions:

1) Who would you rather be: Rapunzel or Cinderella?
2) Which one would you choose as your pet: Unicorn, Dragon, Moby Dick, Nessie or Falkor the Luckdragon (Never Ending Story, see pic above)3) Who would you like to interview and why?
4) What would your first question be?
5) A place you always wanted to travel to?
6) First thing on your bucket list?
7) Best Christmas present ever?
8) What is the one thing you would like to change in this world?
9) Your favorite Quote?
10) Full Moon on the beach or Full Moon in the mountains?

And now for my nominees:

Far Beyond The Stars
Turquoise Compass
Peggi Bell
Diary Of A Little Bird
My 35 Project
Lebensspurfragmente and LIEBESRAUM

Have fun everyone and Happy Weekend to all of you 🙂


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