The Story Behind The Story

I believe that there is always a story behind a story. At least in my case. For my Blog Event ‘Finish It!’ I tend to use things out of my life or my heart. That is how the intros develop.

There is a story behind the intro for ‘Finish It! #6’, which I am happy to share.

Years ago I was traveling through Australia with a friend of mine when I met a guy. There was something there immediately and so we kept catching up. After a few dinners together he told me that he had lost his wife 9 months ago. She had passed away after being really ill. I knew that my friend had to leave earlier than me and so I initially decided to head home earlier too only to be convinced by that guy to stay for the remaining time. He kept taking me out for dinners or to movies and we had a really nice time. Nobody made a move. I thought that he would not be ready at all and to be honest, I still am pretty sure that while being here I saw it as a friendship more than anything else. Simply because he was a widower for only such a short time.

Then the day of my departure came. He took me out for breakfast and we had a great time again. Lots of laughter and there was just a connection. He drove me to the airport and we said goodbye and when I boarded the plane it hit me. Tears started to flow and I felt sick. When I arrived at home I wrote an email to him. I didn’t mention anything to him, only said thank you for the great time. Only 5 minutes later he called me.

He told me that he was happy to hear that I arrived safe. And also that he felt confused. Confused because he misses me. Confused because he felt so strongly for me. Confused because he has fallen for me.

I knew that he had to travel to Europe a month later for business. I didn’t know what to expect but we agreed to catch up. And we did. It was strange to wait for him at the airport. Strange because I knew about his feelings and I had told him about how I felt. Strange because it was all out in the open and I did not know how to welcome him. Should I just hug him? Or kiss him? Or just say hi?

Well, he took it out of my hand and kissed me the moment he was there.

Our relationship lasted for a couple of weeks. I still think it was deep and honest. But he hit the wall when the day which marked 1 year after his wife passed away arrived. He was not ready. And there was nothing I could do. It was not easy for a while but looking back it was all meant to be. We stayed in touch for a little while but then kind of stopped communicating. Shortly after I moved to Australia with my family, I bumped into him by coincident and it was really good to see him. I guess there is still something like a friendship left. We had coffee together and he wanted to know how I was doing. I told him about my husband and my son and how happy we all are. He told me about his wife and kids and it was so good to hear that he had found happiness again too. He said that the short relationship he had with me threw him back on one side but also finally opened up his life again. He explained that he felt bad for hurting me and felt as if he had used me and he apologized, which I thought was not necessary. There was nothing he did wrong back then. He told me that at the same time he had realized that he was in deed capable of loving again. And that it gave him hope. He no longer only saw black.

Sometimes the time is not right and although you might think that you are right for each other in this specific moment, you might not be. But all those things bring you further. They are like steps on a ladder. I know today that we were never meant to be together. But in a way both of us needed each other then. We needed to go through this experience in order to develop and get to where we are today.



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  1. That was a nice story. It is good that you both managed to move on from your relationship and learn from it 🙂

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  2. Lovely. I had a similar (but very different!) experience. Something very right at the time, not meant to be, but helped me move to where I am now.

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  3. This was great. Thank you for sharing this – every relationship does have some takeaway.

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