My Valentine’s Thought

I will put it out there: As much as I enjoy being spoiled for Valentine’s day and as much as I love to show my husband the appreciation I feel for him being the wonderful husband, friend and partner he is, Valentine’s Day always leaves a foul taste in my mouth. There is something a bit wrong with it. As much as there is something wrong with Mother’s Day and Father’s day. They are all commercial.

I get it. I get the idea of showing the appreciation to the people you love on a specific day. But what is wrong with showing it throughout the year? What is wrong with doing it on one day, any day of the year? With this day coming up, the expectation raises of either buying something special or taking your partner out or just doing something special. And it is on a planned and announced day. Why not doing it on any other day, as a surprise? I feel like it all gets hyped up as well, you need to go bigger and better year after year. A ‘simple’ home cooked meal does not seem to be enough anymore. A bunch of flowers is not enough anymore. For weeks now I see advertising for Valentine’s Day everywhere. TV, magazines and papers were packed with advertising and suggestion about what to buy. And of course it is all about buying. Jewelery, perfumes, you name it. And it kind of irks me.

I think there is no prize tag you can put on your love or on your appreciation for your partner. There is more to it. There is no number which can describe the intensity of your feelings or the gratitude you feel for your other half. Still for some reason we try to organize it in such a ‘drawer’.

Valentine’s Day for me will be a great day spent with my family and beautiful dinner cooked by my husband, which is something I appreciate so so much. As I am the day to day ‘chef’ in the house, I very often feel uninspired and feel like I always end up cooking the same stuff. So the days he takes over and prepares a meal, I know I am up for a treat. A nice dinner with candle light and my family. For me this is the heart in Valentine’s Day.

I hope you guys will have a great Valentine’s Day and enjoy whatever you do or whatever gift you get. It will come from the heart for sure.


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  1. I agree that Valentine’s Day is over-rated. My hubbie cooks every day so if I cook, we’d have spaghetti for dinner 🙂 We were just talking about V-day this morning and decided to stay home (read “save money”), he’ll cook and we’ll watch a movie. We have some champagne, too. And he is not the heart-and-flowers kind of guy, instead he buys me windsurfing equipment. Nothing says LOVE like a new wetsuit 🙂

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    • Well that is a good gift. See, a good meal, a good bottle of bubbles and or wine and I am happy. I never find the right gift for my husband and it does stress me out a bit. Well, I don’t find them if I have to find them for a special occasion. I need to walk up to something and think ‘that’s perfect for him’ and then buy it.

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  2. Lovely! I agree with you about Valentine’s Day.

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  3. Everyday is Valentines day…

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  4. I understand how you feel. My wish has always been for everyone to share the same kindheartedness during Thanksgiving and Christmas all year long. If we all cared all year long, it would make the world a must better place.

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  5. Everyday should be a Valentine’s day.

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  6. When my husband is with me, we celebrate everyday as Valentine’s day. Nice Article, btw.

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  7. I agree with you.. We should not have to show our love or appreciation on a set day and then spend a fortune on ‘proving’ it. Real love costs nothing and is not just doe a day, 🙂

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  8. Agreed. Waaaay too overrated.

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  9. I think technically speaking, Father’s Day is the only true commercial holiday – the others both have Biblical origins, although you’re certainly right in saying that they’ve all been gradually commercialised. I wonder how all our lives would differ in the absence of any calendrical system.
    The main issue I take with Valentine’s day is less the commercial aspect (which is part and parcel of almost all holidays) but its focus on a specific type of love. It markets erotic love mostly to male-female binary relationships. All Valentine’s paraphernalia is for people who have found or are looking for ‘the one’, isolating other types of erotic relationship, and making single people feel inadequate simply because they are single. Those are my thoughts.

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  10. True words. Its just a day to remember and celebrate love. Doesn’t mean you love people more on said day, just as your love doesn’t change on birthdays. True love can be appreciated but not quantified.

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