Meet Britt

“Hey there! My name is Britt. Now let me think about what I should tell you… Well… I am Liza’s best friend. People say I am bubbly. I guess that is probably the case. I am also slightly crazy but I am truly a good friend. Someone you could steal horses with. Not that I really want to do that. Don’t get me wrong, I have no issues with horses. I really like them. I grew up in the country too, like Liza, but different places. We only met here in the city. We actually worked together. Glad we did, otherwise we would have probably not seen each other for a long time while Liza was in this relationship with Tim. What an ass!

You know what? You will get to know me anyway later. So let me just quickly tell you how difficult it was for me to see Liza in this relationship. I still don’t really know how he managed to control her so much, but he did. People like him have ways, you know. I could throw up right now only thinking about it. I always tried to be straight forward with Liza and she knew that I can not stand him. It is tricky, you know. In a way you want to support your best friend. All you want is for your friend to be happy. And then you see that she can never be happy with a man like this. Still, she seems to be. At least at times. You want to be there for her.  He slowly shaped her into someone he wanted her to be. It was painful to watch. I tried to make her realize how much she was changing because of him. But I guess there is only that much you can do. She could not see it. Or maybe she could but she did not wanted to accept it. Maybe she just did not have the strength to change it. After all she went through a lot of shit…

There is one thing I never told her. Maybe I should have. Because maybe it would have changed some things. Maybe she would have gotten out of the relationship earlier. But then I don’t think so. She was not ready yet. She would have told me that I misinterpreted stuff. Or something down that line. Maybe she would have even gotten mad at me. I am not sure.

I once overheard a conversation between Tim and his friend. i wished I would have recorded it. Maybe then I would have made Liza listen to it. This is what Tim said after his friend asked him, how he got Liza to go out with him and how he manages to keep her sticking around:

“It is like work, my friend. You need to talk to the right people and gather the right information. Then you approach your prey and wait for the right moment to use that information. Like playing the card about meeting her parents although I knew that they had died. Just wait for the moment you can use it. The moment it hits the most. And when they are week and ‘lying on the floor’ you strike again. It is simple: You are there for them and you pick them up. You support them. Or at least you act as if. And just like that you get them to give you what you want. As I said: It’s like business. And with a girl like her, once you got her in bed, she will not leave anymore. She is not a one-night stand type. She is not a quitter. Makes it fun, you know, as you can get away with almost everything. And from there it is a walk in the park.”

Now, you tell me: Does that sound like a guy you want to be with? You know, I can really not blame Liza. It is just scary to see how someone can manipulate another person. Sorry for being such an air head. Happens sometimes. That’s just me, you know. But I mean well. I really do. And one thing is for sure: I am always there for my friend. Do you think I am a good friend? Should I have told her about what I heard? The truth hurts sometimes, right? And it’s better to hear the truth from a friend. I should have told her… Well… It does not matter anymore.”

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  1. It sounds like she found a narcissistic man, good she got out of that relationship and better that she still has you ;-D

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  2. “Does that sound like a guy you want to be with?”

    No. Because I’m Britt.

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  3. Reblogged this on Author S B Mazing and commented:

    Introducing another main character of my trilogy to you, while I keep working on publishing them. Feedback is of course appreciated.


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