Finish It! #41

She could not believe her eyes. How could it be? This must be a dream. Yes, she always wished for a pet unicorn but also knew that it was a silly wish. But there it was, standing in front of her. As real as it could be. Certainly she was dreaming… She slowly approached the beautiful magical creature and reached out to gently touch it.

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  1. Devaraj mani maran November 26, 2015 — 20:10

    The unicorn hesitated and moved backwards. Despite by seeing the cute little face of the girl (Emilie), it slightly lowered its head and smells her to know that she is danger to it or not. Emilie tousles the hair of unicorn to feel comfortable. Unicorn’s bright luminous horn on its forehead gave a feeling of Christmas evening. Emilie tousles the unicorn more and more and chuckles cutely because of excitement. Then her showing to unicorn that she wishes to ride on it. So it slanted bent forward its neck. Emilie understands its gesture and grabbed the neck and lifted her leg and humped on its back. Even though she knew that unicorn won’t talk, she gasping in its ears “what your name? Where are you from? Why are you here?
    By the time, the unicorn moves on slowly its multi color horn starts to glitter. She didn’t noticed at first when its pick up little fast she’s realizing what is going on. Now the unicorn moves in the real fast, Emilie grabbed its neck tightly. She didn’t close her eyes rather she’d a out of curiosity of where it’s going. There is a rainbow forming from its horn to the sky its making a pathway in dark night sky. The unicorn runs on the rainbow path and there was a vortex opening in the other end of the rainbow path. This time Emilie closed her eyes. She’s afraid a bit of what’s goanna is in the vortex. They both passed the vortex and entered in to the magical world. The unicorn took her to its master’s home. There was a dwarf cutting the woods into piles.
    He saw her coming towards him. Emilie doesn’t know introduce herself, she was too stunned. The dwarf addresses himself said” hi, I’m Robert blaze and my horse you ride was called Romeo. Welcome to santolz.” “Hi my name is Emilie”.
    Emilie and Robert talked for long hours about his world. And Emilie told Robert about the last night happened, that she’d fights with her mom, and splashed her bed room door without eating the dinner. Robert told Emilie that he was living here alone for almost 20 years. He said he had not seen his parents. He always wonders how the mother’s love would be, to make a food, Sunday ice creams, new toys and dresses. Only thing I can do is imagined their presence, but for you, you having both mom and dad, friends, relatives and most importantly so much of love. This will cherish your life, believe me Emilie. Emilie comprehend what is Robert saying to her. She really feels sad for what happened last night.
    She told good bye to Robert and sat on the Romeo. Then she took a ride to her world. Romeo took her to the same vortex and dropped her in her home. Emilie hugged Romeo and said good bye, Romeo departed from their and went in to vortex. The door she opened was again opening. Emilie saw her mother calling her name.
    Emilie suddenly woke up. She’s imminent posture shivered her mother who was standing beside her bed with towel and uniform. Her dropped them off the ground and grabbed the Emilie’s shoulder and asked “is everything okay, honey? Are you alright, sweety? Emilie hugged her mom tightly with wide smile and sobbing eyes and said “I’m sorry mom, I’m sorry!! I love you, I love you so much mom!!! Her mother too hugged her with frowned expression and said “I love you too honey, my beautiful baby doll, I love you too. What happened to your dress it’s sticking with horse hairs? “It’s a long story mom” said Emilie with grinned.

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  2. Devaraj mani maran November 26, 2015 — 20:11

    Pls tell me how was it, because I tried on my own..

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