The Liza Trilogy

I feel like an update is overdue. I am still waiting for the edited manuscript of the first two books to find their ways back to me but having said that, I’ve been away for a couple of days too, so no big deal. Before leaving I felt a bit stuck with the third book. I don’t want to call it a writers block as I would have been able to write and I did, but the story did not appeal to me really, so I just stopped for a while and tried to create it all again from scratch.

Finally I kind of feel that there is a good storyline for the third book and the days away really helped me clear the mind. The good thing is that I can keep the bit I’ve already written 🙂

So here is to the upcoming birth of the third book…


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  1. I’m glad that you got yourself back on track. Maybe you just needed that time away from it all to come back to it with fresh eyes and ideas. 🙂

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