I had such a great day yesterday. Everything was great, everything went well and we had heaps of fun all day. I got a great review of one of my beta readers for Losing Myself and my friend who is editing Imprinted told me that she is almost done. So I am that one step closer to publish finally!

And then our dogs happened!

Our two girls (7 and 2 years old) somehow lost it. I don’t really know what happened. I took the rubbish bins out and suddenly hear the dogs and then my son scream for me and cry and my first thought was that they went crazy and got the cat. They play with the cat and sometimes the cat attacks them (like a lion its prey) and I figured that something went wrong.

But nothing prepared me for what actually happened. The girls attacked each other. And they really did. It was not just growling and showing off… there was blood. And my son in tears and panicking. They let go of each other when he got to them.

None of us has seen how or why it started. My guess is that the younger one was bossy again and that the older one just had it and snapped… The result: The little one got stitches on one leg and now shows a little bit more respect to the older one… Question is for how long and what we will be up for with these too… I only hope that they figured it out now. I don’t want them to fight like this again. For all of us but especially for the kids, who could not understand why they got into it to that extend…

The end of the day got better again as I had another little highlight: We had our owl back last night. It visited us now a couple of times and it is beautiful to see an animal like this. I think they are beautiful and I am happy that it seems to like it around here. I hope we will see it again…


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  1. Dogs are just like kids sometimes with their getting on each others’ nerves. They can be a handful. Glad that they’re okay though.

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  2. I’m going to bet that the younger will respect the elder… at least until the next time… fur babies … who knew that they could/would fight like siblings??? Hope all remains calm, and that the children weren’t too traumatized by the event.

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