Sneak Peek #11 – Free To Breathe Again

Although I am still only in the very beginning of my third book (and kind of stuck at the moment), I am pretty sure on where I want to go with it. So here is a little snippet from it. It is not edited! Your feedback is like always greatly appreciated…


The plane was cruising along and ‘Flash’ was very calm in his box. The vet had just checked on him and he was doing just fine. They had enjoyed a pretty nice meal served to them by the one flight attendant on board. They had the option of watching a movie, which the vet chose to do. For Jake it was time to get settled and try to get a little bit of sleep. It would be another couple of hours until arrival.

Jake was pretty comfortable in his big seat and watched how the color of the sky changed from dark purple into the night sky. He looked at the stars and had to think of Liza. He was looking out of the window for quite a while, listening to the monotone sound of the engines until he finally drifted off and eventually fell asleep.

He must have been sleeping for quite a while when he suddenly woke up to a loud bang. The engines were screaming and the plane got thrown around. Outside big dark clouds had built and there was lightening. It was close. Too close! Jake looked around and saw the vet’s face. He seemed bothered. ‘Flash’ was no longer calm but the box was holding up. Jake was hoping for him to not get to crazy, as that would have been dangerous for all of them. There was another lightening very close to the plane.


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  1. You are killing it, great job!

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  2. What kind of book are you writing – fiction, novel, suspense? I can’t wait to read the rest of your story! I just published my third book in January. A fictional novel with suspense and tragedy. I found that after the book was over half written, I became stuck with writer’s block for a couple of days. I then took to writing at late nights and early mornings when it was most quiet. I could concentrate on creating with no disturbances. Whatever time is your own most creative time (morning, noon or night) concentrate on that time to be the most productive. My uncle, who is a fellow writer and author, gave me the best advice. Write with feeling and what doesn’t sing and dance on paper, rewrite or revise. I wish you the best of luck in your new book. Manuscripts are a pain to edit so I don’t envy your work ahead. :)Anne xo

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    • Thank you so much! It is a fictional Romance Trilogy. The first two books have been “edited” by me already and are now being edited by someone professional. I am waiting to get them back to work on them further. Hoping to publish them soon… Did you self publish?

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      • Yes I did. Are you also? Sounds great and wish you the best. I edited all three of mine as the publisher said it is a slow process with professional editing and fairly expensive. 🙂

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      • Yes I will as well! I have a friend who offered me to edit it for free… She is almost done now with the second book (which was the first one I gave her). As English is not my first language I just simply can’t edit my books. My husband is currently editing my first book. He studied in English… I just did not want to ask my friend again to do it for free… Maybe with the third one 😉

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