A Special Reward

It was now or never. He was only a little bit behind his opponents form the US and Canada. He knew that if he could steer his team down the track without hitting the walls too often or too hard, they could make up time and with a perfect 4th run win the championships. He knew this run inside out as he not only trained up here all the time but also piloted taxi runs.

There was his countdown. They had their routine, a pat on the shoulders and a pat on the helmets. And now they had to push and push and run run run. The start was crucial. And by the time they jumped into their vehicle, him first then the guy behind him and the third one and the breaker in the end, they should have gained enough speed to get them through the flattest bit of this run.

So far it was an easy ride. They all got in without a mistake, the handles were in too and now it counted. Wall and Snake were still easy turns and by the time you knew that Sunny was coming up, you were already so fast that you had to really know what you were doing. He sometimes wondered if it was a pure reflex or if he really still saw it all coming. He knew what was coming up and he knew how important it was to get this turn right and get out of it on the right track. If he couldn’t do it, he would lose time. At this stage he knew they had a perfect run but he had no idea of their time. Into Monti’s and Nash-Dixon and there it was: The Horseshoe! There were only seconds but as always he looked at this wall and wondered how it would be possible to glide through it and yet they always managed to take this turn… from now onwards it was very fast. One crazy turn after the other. This was also the point where usually during the taxi runs the last heads of his passengers went down, due to the 4.5 G’s in this turn. Most people considered this the hardest part of the run. For him the worst and also most exciting was still ahead of them…

Now through Telephone, Shamrock, Devil’s, followed by Tree and Bridge and now into Gunther Sachs Corner and now into Martineau. And it was there where he felt most challenged. Although his body was strong and fit he always felt how it got tired in this one turn. Maybe it was the speed which with at least 135kmh was the highest here, but maybe it was also the fact that the run was about to end and he needed to know. He needed to know. He wanted to know if they got them. If they won this race. If they succeeded. Into the last corner and the breaker was doing his job.

He heard the scratching in the ice, knew that snow was blowing up from under the bobsleigh from breaking. He heard the music the people and the speaker who sounded excited. When the bob stopped he turned around, somehow confused, looking for the clock… And there it was. They had done it! By 1/100 of a second! They won! The Trophy was theirs! Still with their helmets on they all jumped out of the bob, careful to not slip on the natural ice in the track but overly excited! What an achievement!

He was happy! As happy as he could be. He looked around and just a little bit further away, on the other side of the wall he saw what he was looking for. There she was! Holding him. Both of them with a big smile on their faces. He quickly walked over, kissed and hugged his wife and then took his little boy in his arms.

“I knew you would do it! I knew you would! I love you dad! I am so proud of you!”

That was all the reward he was looking for. It was all that a dad would want to hear. The trophy would only come second behind those words. And he couldn’t stop smiling. Tonight they all would celebrate. He knew his team mates would be with him for a while and then take off to one of the nightclubs. But he would have his own little celebration, with the people that mattered the most for him. And they would enjoy a special reward together. Something all three of them would enjoy…


Not really a Photo Challenge but I still felt inspired by this Daily Post Photo Challenge – Reward


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  1. A big fan of everything Olympics, I really enjoyed this story. Have you ever submitted your writings to the Chicken Soup book series? I see this in a fathers issue or a sports/Olympics issue. πŸ˜€

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