Sneak Peek #9 – Imprinted

This snippet is from early in the book. After a rough couple of days, Liza decides to leave the city to get a breather some place in the country. Just for a little while, to get back some of the energy she had lost.


Liza slowly made her way out of the city, the skyscrapers moving further away by the minute. The wide city roads were leading her away from the asphalt jungle and took her further and further into nowhere land. As soon as she had left the skyscrapers with their fancy glass facades and the closer suburbs behind, the scenery changed massively. The buildings on the side of the road disappeared and fields with all sort of different crops and agricultural plants took their place.

They seemed to go on and on, only the color changed from time to time. After a while the fields turned into well-maintained pastures. Everything was still organized and well maintained. Only slowly did nature win its territory back and trees and bushes started to take over. The grass was no longer cut and all kind of different colored flowers of different sizes and shapes kept appearing. It was no longer the monotone, same kind of grass type of field. Finally color started to mix in with the green. There was no more order, no more maintenance for a while. Every now and then the road passed what seemed to only be a little forest. It was probably not just a small forest, its dimension was most certainly hidden from the drivers eye, who could only see a tiny part of it where the road cut through.

Liza enjoyed the drive. The further away from the city she got the more she could breathe again. It felt like a heavy weight got slowly lifted off her chest. She had the cover of her convertible open and the warm spring sun was shining down on her, warming up her body. The air was playing with her hair and it felt good!

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  1. I love these sneak peeks. Great concept! ~Elle

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