Meet Jake

“Hey, it’s Liza again. I thought I tell you a little bit about Jake.

When I left the city my life was pretty much shattered in pieces. I kind of knew that I would find back to myself being out in the country again. What I did not expect though, was finding a person as special as Jake and for sure not getting kind of “adopted” by his entire family. It sort of causes some issues for me. Jake and his family breed horses, thoroughbreds to be precise. There is his mom, Claire, his sister Kelly and Jake. They are all amazing. Just so friendly and welcoming. Claire’s husband passed away a while ago and now Jake and Kelly are running the show more or less. He used to work as an architect in the city but them moved back to take over the Stud. He never liked the city-life, kind of like me. Jake and Kelly are both pretty tough but once they accept you, you just belong to the team, you know. They are good people.

So I started heading over to the Farrar’s stud pretty much right after I arrived out here. Besides breeding horses they also offer trail rides for tourists, you know. Kelly took me on a ride and we bonded and I ended up helping out and kind of becoming part of their team. Jake kept more or less to himself for a long time. I always thought he is a nice guy, for sure good looking. And he has such a nice aura. You can’t help but feeling good around him. He is no bullshitter. And he has such a beautiful smile. I guess we also have a lot in common. What can I say, he is a great guy. On one side I truly enjoy being around Jake. But then on the other side it really causes issues for me.

You know, I am not after a relationship. I am actually pretty much fed up by men. Just kind of over the lies. The relationship with Tim left deep scars and I am really not looking for a new man in my life. Not at all! I just don’t want to get hurt again. I’ve lost too much over the last couple of years and I can not handle another blow again. It’s just a shame that I’ve not met Jake earlier in my life. Who knows where we would be now…”

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  1. Just go with the flow! Jake is probably not another Tim. You may not ready for another relationship and that’s ok, but maybe you could do with another friend in Jake.

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  2. Sometimes we have to go through it all before meeting the perfect partner. Maybe that’s why we appreciate them so much then…

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  3. Thanks for another snippet. I’m liking the sound of Jake nd hi family already. 🙂

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  4. So, are we going to find out what’s going to happen between Jake and Liza on your blog? Or was it just a little teaser?

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    Introducing another main character of my novels.


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