Strength Of A Woman




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  1. It’s an interesting claim. The inference is that a woman who does NOT have the strength to cope with life’s hardships on her own is not a ‘real’ woman.

    The same message has been given to men for centuries. In a patriarchy men are told that ‘real men’ can cope with war, strenuous labour, discomfort, responsibility and all manner of onslaughts and make it out the other side. And a man who crumbles under pressure or seeks protection or any other kind of help from others is not a ‘real man’.

    So the poster is promoting a traditionally male ‘patriarchal’ gender identity for women. The poster encourages women to be strong and self reliant by reminding women that this will lead to increased self confidence and pride and that much strength can be gained by overcoming one’s own hurdles in life without outside assistance.

    So presumably the confident, self assured, independent and even dominant men who have followed this advice throughout the centuries and adopted this gender identity as part of their ‘manhood’ are to be celebrated too…..?

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  2. And wiser–if I may add. I take the word ‘stronger’ to mean the ability to withstand or overcome. We all go through negative experiences. Some of us take longer to recover than others. But what is important is that we do recover by analyzing the negative experience and learning something from it, even something about ourselves. So when a similar situation presents itself in the future, we should be in a better position to avoid it totally or at least, get through it quickly.

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