Sneak Peek #5 – Losing Myself

Another sneak peek from the first book “Losing Myself” of my Trilogy. I hope you enjoy…


One late afternoon, when Liza was heading over to the Club’s gym for one of her Krav Maga lessons, she watched a couple of birds. She was standing there and realized how much time had passed since she last went out to the country to see her brother and also kind of reconnect with nature. Ever since the relationship with Tim had become serious, she did not manage to get away anymore.

Tim kind of kept her busy with taking her to amazing places. One weekend he took her to another city for a concert, then he took her on a luxurious fishing trip on the ocean, another time he had rented little ‘love nest’ on a vineyard. Or he had organized a cooking lesson with one of the cities most prestigious chef. There was always something. There were events to attend, parties of clients to go to. Tim always made sure Liza looked her best. For every one of those special events he bought her a new dress. He did not want her to wear the same thing over and over again. Liza thought it was a bit of a waste and she wished he would have chosen dresses that were more to her liking as well. The ones he picked were too sexy for her. They were pretty short and the necklines were too low for her liking in most cases. But Tim convinced her that it was okay, that she looked stunning and he wanted her to stand out. He said that he did not want her to look only average.

All of this took time away from Liza’s schedule. Liza and her brother spoke a lot over the phone and he questioned her relationship with Tim a lot, as he thought that her partner was too much in control of what she was doing and when. Liza could tell that her brother was not a big fan of Tim. Maybe that was why she did not push harder to get Tim to spend a weekend out there.

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  1. Uh oh! Liza is having doubts. Control and isolation!

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  2. I love it so freeing ty

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  3. Yes I agree with Linda control and isolation. Slowly and subtly is how it starts….

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