Pleased To Meet You

Although this is not a 100% what today’s Daily Prompt is about, I thought I can make it mine by giving you another short sneak peek into my Novel. This is from Losing Myself, the first book of the Trilogy.

The owner was just about to say something when his phone rang and made him step out for a moment. For his friend this was the right moment to introduce himself.

“My name’s Tim. We’ve briefly met the other day.”

“Yeah, I remember. Nice to meet you, I’m Liza.”

“He seems like a beautiful horse. Although I have to admit, I have no clue about horses. Tennis is more my passion.” Tim said while making an attempt to pet the big dapple-grey.

“He definitely is. Shame his owner does not see it.” Liza did not care that she was talking to a friend of the owner.

She never did. She either liked someone or she didn’t. And Liza was never making a secret out of a situation like this. For her honesty was a big thing and acting as if she would like someone for simply not stepping on someone’s toe was not her style.

Tim started asking a couple of questions about horses in general, Liza’s work and the horses she was looking after. Liza could not blame him for not knowing anything about her favorite animals, as it was not everyone’s favorite pass time. But she liked his interest in them and in what she was doing. His questions were really thorough, which made her believe that he was truly interested. And he did not seem pushy. They were chatting along and Liza started explaining to him how she was going to treat the wound in the horse’s hoof when Tim’s buddy came back.

“Let’s go hit some balls, the court is waiting for us, man. And you make sure that this one is ready again soon! Don’t want to waste anymore time and money on a horse I can not properly use!”

Liza did not reply at all. She only shook her head. Tim said goodbye and followed his friend. Shame, Liza thought, a nice guy with an idiot friend. As she watched them walk away, Tim turned around, smiled at her and quickly waved goodbye. He had a pretty nice smile indeed.

© 2014 – 2015 Author SB Mazing

In response to the Daily Post Daily Prompt – Pleased To Meet You and the Blogging101 Assignmen


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  1. 🙂 Quick technical change: Don’t want to waste any more time (waist, anymore) Good luck with the novels!

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