A Novel And A Name

While spending the day on the beach yesterday (yes, I am living in a place where it is summer at the moment…), I actually had some ideas re names for my Novels.

I am planing on having a Trilogy and because Liza plays such a big role in all of them I thought I would name it “The Liza Trilogy”. Too boring?

For the three books I came up with the following ideas:

Book 1: “Losing Myself”

It is the prequel I am working on at the moment and is all about Liza’s life before meeting the wrong guy, the relationship she has with him and the moment everything collapses.

Book 2: “Free To Breathe Again”

This is the Manuscript which currently is getting edited. The sneak peaks you are reading at the moment are from this Manuscript and so is the synopsis, which you can find here. I kind of experience her freer in this book, or better, she is getting to this point. She does not feel as cornered in a situation anymore, where she does not want to be, with memories she would rather not have. For me that feels like finally being able to breathe again.

Book 3: I am still not sure about this title

I want the book to be about what comes after Book 2 (of course), where she has already found back to herself but still has some issues to solve. I want her to be at the point where she does not want to run anymore. In the end I want her to kind of arrive, be herself again, happy. Unfortunately I can’t go into details yet. But I will keep sharing my thoughts with you.

What is your take on this? Any other suggestions? It is hard to describe where she is in the different books, without giving away too much. I still hope that you get the idea.


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  1. sounds like some great projects! good luck on finishing it all!


  2. Perhaps something that signifies that it’s the last book. “The Final Stretch” or along those lines.

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  3. Loosing is misspelled. There is also a song by the name of “Losing Myself” by Will Young. I would anticipate some of your readers being familiar with the song and consider if you’re comfortable with having that kind of association to your book.
    “Free to Breathe Again” doesn’t turn up any results in Google verbatim, so be the first to snag that title!


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