How To Name A Novel

You have no clue how much I struggle with the name of my novel… I might just create a poll and let my readers decide… Maybe you have some good ideas? I would love to hear them!

Here is the Synopsis to it:

Liza is a good looking, strong and successful woman, who has been through a lot lately. After encountering another blow, she decides to break loose from everything and leave her current life behind. Liza heads back to the country to start over again. While there, she step by step finds back to herself, rediscovers her passion for horses and meets someone, who might just be right for her.

The Novel will have a second part and I would love to connect the two of them through their titles.

But I am struggling… All the ideas I had so far are just not catchy.



Add yours →

  1. As much as i could understand from your story, i would title it as- “Rediscovering Me”….or,.. “a journey back to me”…or…..”finding what once was mine”.
    Just what i liked…hope you find a good title..good luck (y) 🙂


  2. The title of any novel is really important, we all know that. And that is why so many new authors (including me) struggle with it for weeks / months!. My first book – the first of a trilogy – has had three different titles since I finished writing it. I won’t bore you with those, but what I want to stress is that, to me, the name/title must refer to some aspect of the story – perhaps the most important aspect. I can’t really tell what that is from the short extract you’ve quoted. It could be something about the name of the place she goes back to, or what she finds there. I don’t know.
    I think you’re right about connecting the two parts. My titles (eventually) had a common link, as did the cover images I eventually chose. I had Book 1 on Amazon with an image I knew wasn’t right for several months – until I had a different illustrator do Book 2 cover for me. I was so impressed, I had him do Book 1 as well. He’s also going tro do Book 3. I know this has little to do with titles, other than the importance of a common theme. Look carefully at the main thing you want your readers to see.

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    • No, it actually has a lot to do with the title! It is the title and the cover that has to be right. Otherwise people will not look at the book in the first place, right? It is kind of like eating. If you like the name of it and how it looks like you are more open to actually try it…


  3. Good idea to connect. I did that with Crossing The Line and What Line. Haven’t published What Line yet but working on it. You can get some links to them on my block site’s about page! Hope to see you soon.


  4. Finding the Real Me? Uncovering who I am? Liza’s Box (a play on Pandora’s Box)? The Road to Me? Seeking stability: The Road to Me? Walking into my future? City Girl Gone Home? Free to be me? City Girl Finding Her Country Heart?

    I tried! I agree, titles for me often times make or break the cover. They say, “Never judge a book by its cover”. Unfortunately, many people do, so choose wisely, even if it takes months. Start a forum for it, maybe more people can help. I have actually been reading some of your posts and I like what I’m seeing! Can’t wait to see more! Check out my blog if you’d like as well!

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  5. I called mine Sally’s New Life but changed it to Where She Belongs. Since we are at a similar stage (not yet published), I can still change mine. A friend, whose opinion I respect a lot, suggested I look at the last line and if I find something that fits, I might want to use it. What’s your last line?


  6. Is this a romance? Dying minds want to know?! 🙂


  7. I am soooo excited to read more and learn more about your novel!


  8. I don’t know if this relates or not, but “Imprinting” is when a human, within minutes of when a foal is born, massages the foal and does and lot of handling and bending of limbs (staying out of Mom’s way, of course) in order to give the foal’s first few moments of life a pleasant experience with humans. Horses who had been Imprinted as foals tend to bond more closely with humans. There is no love or bond quite like a good horse with a good human. It is strong, and gives the horse intelligence and courage and the human strength and humility.

    For some reason, this is what I thought of when I read the synopsis of your book. Perhaps Liza will go back to her “Imprinted” roots by going back to the country.

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