Meet Liza

Hello readers

Who is my dream reader? You know what? It is you! Yes, you. And because it is you, I wanted you to know who my main character of my Novel is. Honestly, Although I have given the book a name, I still am not sure yet if it is the right one. I might need some suggestions there…

But anyway, please, meet Liza:

“Hi, my Name is Liza and I am the main character in SB Mazing’s Novel. We will let you know the name soon.

Anyway. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a woman in her early mid 30’s and a country girl at hart. I grew up in the country, on a farm and loved my horses. Everyone always said that I have that special touch. Maybe that’s why I’ve decided to become a Vet. Unfortunately that decision was the reason why I had to move to the city. I am pretty confident and besides horseback riding I love doing Krav Maga, for both, workout and self defense.

Everything was just great, Uni was a smooth ride and I got a pretty good job right away after finishing studying. Up until that day, right after I got a great job at the city’s most prestigious Equestrian Club. I lost my parents. And it really hit me.

Although job-wise I moved even further up the ladder, everything else didn’t seem to come together anymore. Life kind of handed me the dreaded lemons. And I knew, something had to change.

I will not tell you here what those lemons are and what happened after I broke away. I sure hope you want to find out.

Well, enough said. I need to leave some things for you to discover. Thanks for letting me introduce myself to you. I might see you all later.


For more sneak peeks on Imprinted (Book 2) head over here.

For more sneak peeks on Losing Myself (Book 1) head over here.

For more information on The Liza Trilogy head over here.

© SB Mazing


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  1. Sounds exciting. What will happen to Liza next??


  2. Very engaging. I can’t wait to read more!


  3. Cant wait to read more of this!!! ❤


  4. To me, Liza with a Z sounds a lot more like a Mariah. ?


  5. This was a smart way to cover the assignment, just perfect actually!


  6. Sounds like a girl I could easily fall in love with. Interesting.


  7. So were off and running, main character introduced, intriguing plot lines hinted at, and a sneak peak pointed to. So far so good. Let you know once I read sneak peek number one. 😉


  8. Reblogged this on Author S B Mazing and commented:

    I’m currently working on two novels, hoping to be able to publish them latest end of this month. You can find some sneak peeks on this blog and also short introductions of the main characters. The sneak peeks are in unedited form. Feedback is always welcome 🙂


  9. Of Course I am going to LOVE your character’s name! lol … and so many spooky coincidences! Cheers, Liza xox

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