Sneak Peek #1

There is blood, blood all over… and the pain! The pain! It really hurts; it feels like a knife cutting through her abdominals! Stop it! Stop it! She tries to talk, tries to scream, but no sound seems to escape her mouth! Why can she not just scream! It hurts, she feels bad… the blood! She is cold, feels bad, really bad. She is drained in sweat… but she feels cold, really cold! Her heart is racing. It hurts, she is scared and she wants to scream. What are all those people doing around her? Why is nobody helping. Why is everyone just looking at her? Why are they all shaking their heads? She is trying to grab one of them but she cannot reach them! Her arms feel so heavy! She wants it to stop! She can feel it coming out; she can feel her baby coming out! The baby! It’s too early! And there is this familiar blond woman in the corner, smiling, laughing, with an evil look on her face. Pleased to see, that she was incapable of doing anything. Happy about the drama, which was unfolding in front of her. Why is nobody helping? The baby! The baby! The baby! No, no, no…

“NO! NO!” she can hear herself scream. It’s dark. Only a little bit of light comes through the closed blinds of her bedroom window. The alarm clock shows 3.38am. She is drained in sweat and shacking. Her heart pumps like after running a marathon. She checks her linens. No blood. No pain.

Finally she finds her way back into reality. It was only a dream, a terrible nightmare. Where is the light switch? She needed to turn on the light. She had to get out of the dark. Tonight it was only a nightmare but a couple of months ago most of it was horribly real. It was hunting her still. In real life there was not as much blood as in her dreams. Nevertheless it was a very bad experience. It combined so many elements. Pain, blood, panic, and maybe also hope but then big disappointment and deep sadness. It was the feeling of a shear unbearable loss.

For more sneak peeks on Imprinted (Book 2) head over here.

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  1. That is really something…I recommend an editor, though. Since English is not your first language, right? I’d say the same for any other person whose first language isn’t English. You have no idea how many self-published authors on Amazon have reviews that only say, “Get an editor and then I’ll love it!”


  2. shaking, haunting, and sheer. Yup that oughta do it. :p I hope you don’t think I’m being too much of a grammar nazi . Other than those mistakes I like it .Keep up the great work


  3. Great start! Hooked me!


  4. I’m so excited to have a sneak peak. Thank you for sharing! I also read your self-publish post, and I agree with you, being a new author there will be many people who will be excited to see you succeed, thrilled with your story, but their enthusiasm will cost a pretty penny and not really get you anywhere. A professional editor is where to put your money, as stated in the above comments, agreed. I currently work with 2 English educators and still will use a professional editor before I self-publish, if that it the avenue I take. ❤ Want more! Great job! 🙂


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